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We are all different so all the treatments affect us differently. But in order to gain maximum benefit from any of your holistic, body or facial treatment, it is advisable as part of your aftercare routine, that you follow the main basic steps over the next 12 hours:


* Drink plenty of water and/or herbal infusions to help flush out toxins. Aim to drink two glasses of water after each drink of tea or coffee.


* Don't drink alcohol for the next 24 hours; massage and the other body treatments aim to detoxify the body - alcohol and smoking are counter-productive as they increase the levels of toxins within the body.


* Avoid heavy meals.


*Do not shower or bathe directly after a treatment for at least 6 - 8 hours if essential oils were used. The essential oils need to penetrate the skin in order to be absorbed into the system to achieve optimum results. Same goes for the body treatments.


* Avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight, and do not use sun beds following the treatments.


* Be aware of your posture.


* Most importantly, rest as much as possible and avoid physical exercise after your treatment in order to assist the healing process.


* After cupping massage you may notice the bruise-like marks on your skin, but they are completely painless and will on average disappear within a week. Saunas and steam rooms are excellent to help them disappear quicker. 


* Do not pick on your nails after having a gel manicure/pedicure as this will be damaging to your nails.


You may experience a feeling of tiredness or fatigue following a massage. In some cases, headaches may follow.

You may feel emotional. It’s quite natural to feel tearful. Increased urination or flu-like symptoms (runny nose, coughing) may be experienced, but these will be temporary as the body re-balances itself.

Aftercare advice