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This treatment is a full service for your back. The treatment starts with quick dry brushing over your back to boost the circulation and to help get rid of dead skin cells. It's followed by exfoliation and a purifying mask. Then your back is wrapped up warm for about 20min. While the mask is on you can unwind even further and forget about your daily worries while you are having a head massage. The treatment is finished off with a moisturiser.

Why not add a facial or/and a back, neck & shoulder massage to the treatment to make the relaxation go even further!

Duration: 30min


The treatment starts with dry body brushing to help eliminate dead skin cells, followed by a full-body exfoliation. Soothing and softening natural dead sea salt scrubs are suitable for all skin types but especially good for dry, itchy, eczema and psoriasis prone skin. The scrubs contain oils which have a nourishing and moisturising effect on your skin. The treatment is finished off by the application of a moisturiser to give you a silky smooth squeaky clean skin.

Why not add a facial or/and a full - body massage to the treatment to make the relaxation go even further!

Duration: 45min


To boost the circulation and aid with the removal of dead skin cells we start with the dry body brushing. Then a seaweed and mud based detoxifying body mask is applied all over your body. You will then be wrapped up warm in towels and heated cover. A complimentary head massage is offered to you while the wrap is on.

A seaweed wrap helps to eliminate toxins from your body. The paste is applied to the body warm, causing you to sweat. During the sweating process, your body is eliminating impurities. These are then brought to the surface of the skin and rinsed away when the wrap is cleaned off. While you sweat during a seaweed wrap, not only are toxins removed from the body, but dead skin is loosened as well. The seaweed itself is chock full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids that easily soak into the skin to add moisture. Seaweed contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin A, all of which can help to rebuild the elasticity of the skin. It also makes your skin more supple by increasing blood flow to its surface, regenerates damaged skin cells, produces collagen to firm and tone the skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment is finished off with a moisturiser. 

Why not add a facial or/and a full-body massage to the treatment to make the relaxation go even further!

Duration: approx. 75min


This body wrap is designed to help you tighten your skin and temporarily improve the contours of your body. Slimming gel combined with tightly applied thermal bandages can help you firm and tone your body and eliminate toxins. This inch loss body wrap is not based on perspiration, so you will not put the inches back on by drinking water. Although results vary, people can expect to lose up to 6'' after their first session! Minimum of 3 treatments, healthy eating and exercise are recommended to help maintain the results for longer and to give you a head-start for a healthier skinnier you. Measurements are taken before the treatment starts. After the application of the slimming gel and bandages you will then be wrapped up warm for an hour. While you lay there comfortable and warm you can enjoy a soothing facial and drift away. In the end of the treatment measurements are taken again and firming & toning cream is applied. 

If you do not require a full-body wrap then you can choose to have just a half-body treatment (does not include a facial!).

Perfect before important occasions - holidays, weddings or any other celebrations!

Duration: approx 75min